A darling start to a new series, perfect for 7-year-old spell-loving readers.

The magical early chapter book series by the bestselling author Elisenda Roca is aimed at newly independent girl readers, who have started to read on their own, but are still little and sweet and want their magic and sparkle. And yet a bit of trouble and adventures. Keep them interested in books with Mía and her non-stop talking pet friends!

Chapters are kept small to read one or two a night and the story is easy to follow even for younger kids. Readers will enjoy the full colour, expressive and charming illustrations by Betowers that accompany the entertaining stories of Mía, the little witch.


Mía Fantasía series is about friendship, family, girl-power, love for animals and living together. Based on the framework of fantasy, adventure and mystery genres, the stories are full of humour and positive thinking.


15 × 21,5 cm | 128 pages | Paperback edition | Ages 7 +

Mía Fantasía
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1. What a Strange Friend!

Fantasía family life is about to change with the arrival of the new neighbours. TheSquare House family moves in across the dirt road. Robert and Dora’s house isvery modern, minimal and functional. They love to keep their life organized, inorder, without unpredictable twists and turns. And so does their daughter Lía untilshe meets Mía. When Lía enters Mía’s world, she finds out the true magic ofcolours and happiness and discovers that magic does exist. Who would have saidthat Mía’s super-confident, daring and adventurous character would pair perfectlywith Lia’s logical, fearful one. From then onwards, they become best friends. Ifreaders enjoy the first in the series, there are plenty more pages to turn!

2. A Kronk in the School

Readers who love fantasy, adventure and mystery are going to love this story.Summer holidays are over and Mía and Lía are very excited to enter the firstyear of primary school. Among their classmates, there is a very unique andunpopular student who is unlike anyone else: he’s a bully until Mía uses hermagic to save him and gains a new friend.

3. A Ghost in the Attic

Mías’ parents, Linus and Enchanted Snowflower, are attending the annual Congress of Magic and Witchcraft in Amesbury, near to Stonhenge. In the meantime, Mia stays at her aunt’s.

Aunt Obdulia is a near-blind old sweet lady. She’s is also a super funny and affectionate witch. Perhaps a little too much! She loves to cast spells, colour the food she cooks and dress up Mía’s pet friends in colourful clothes and costumes. All except Rosalia, who manages to hide!

Lía, who doesn’t miss a thing, joins the party for the weekend, until there’s a rumble in the attic! Who could it be? Is there a ghost in the house? What will they find up there? 

Don’t panic! It’s only Vampi, a small bat, as blind and sweet as its owner, who has lost his glasses.

******** PUBLICATION DATE: Spring 2022 ********

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