Mía is special because she’s the smallest in the wizarding Fantasía family. She wears colourful clothes and her best friends are a kitten, Vinyl, a greedy hairy dog, Bowie, and a blue hamster, called Small Ball. And not forgetting Rosalia, a spider that makes the most amazing pider webs you can dream of. Mía can talk to them all. That’s one of her super powers.

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Mía lives in a very old and strange house in the middle of the forest with Linus and Enchanted Flower, the coolest parents ever!

Linus Fantasia

Her dad is a very wise, absent-minded wizard.

Enchanted Snowflower

Her mum is a powerful and arty witch.
She casts some surprising spells with her melodious voice.

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Is s hairy dog, fun-loving, and very greedy. She’s got one blue eye and the other is green. Mía’s parents named her after a great singer who also had eyes like that, apparently.


Is a clever and elegant cat. He can climb wherever he wants and appears when you’re least expecting him.


Is a spider with very loooong skinny legs. Da-daa! Look at the gorgeous webs she weaves!

Small Ball

Is a round and cute hamster. He loves sunflower seeds and rolling around on the floor. Ah yes, and he’s blue. He was one of Mía’s first spells and it didn’t go that well. But when Enchanted Snowflower tried to fix it, Small Ball refused point blank.. He likes being blue, he likes being different.

Lía Squarehouse

Fantasía family life changes with the arrival of the new neighbours. The Squarehouse family moves in across the dirt road. Robert and Dora’s house is very modern, minimal and functional. They love to keep their life organized, in order, without unpredictable twists and turns. And so does their daughter Lía until she meets Mía and they become besties!


Is one of Mía and Lía’s classmates. He is much smaller than the majority of his peers and he is very unpopular until Mía uses her magic



Used to be a bully-boy. Mía and her friends find out he is Kronk and has a stone heart.

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