Bringing nature back into the classroom

June 7, 2022
Bitmaxrepte jardinera

Bitmax & Co series: a tool to promote sustainability

Teachers, parents and librarians are increasingly realizing that graphic novels, like Bitmax & Co, have great potential. The appealing illustrations combined with simple story lines and a great deal of humour makes the series an attractive tool for reaching early readers. Especially when it comes to one of its backbones: the education in sustainability.

Among many other things, the forest people make us rethink and appreciate our place in nature. They have an exemplary attitude towards the environment, collecting the garbage that humans throw away. Wagner not only recycles a domestic broken robot but gives it a second life.

This simple story line is the starting point of the series and also the best way to help break down what’s happening to Earth. It is no coincidence that the upcycled robot becomes Bitmax the helper.

At the end of each book, readers find very simple, easy and funny ecotips. Bitmax, Wagner and Mus show us how small individual and collective actions can help reduce our impact on the environment.  And just like in the Blue forest, the more the merrier.

That’s key to BitmaxChallenge. An annual contest aimed to work in the classroom. Last year’s goal was to build bird feeders, this year the objective was to improve the school playground by making planters with reused objects to grow plants. And we have received hundreds of them! Really spectacular ones! And the winner is…

Although we cannot put an end to the climate crisis on our own, we can make small gestures and introduce new habits to reduce, reuse and recycle to live in a more sustainable way.

On behalf of the forest people, a big thank you for bringing nature back into the classroom!