Stop the war in the Blue Forest!

June 16, 2022

A call for peace and cooperation, not war

Bitmax’s new book is about to go on print. It could have been titled The Candy War instead of The Ants War. Can you imagine an all-out war in the peaceful Blue Forest over candy? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that the trigger for the conflict is a piece of candy. All in all, for us it’s just a simple sweet. But having food for many days to come means the world for an anthill.

By a simple oversight and total carelessness, Evo creates a massive misunderstanding between the black ants and the red ants. And the sides clash to claim the sweet delicacy.

It is said that people understand each other by talking. But despite Bitmax and Baba’s best efforts, all measures fail, the dialogue is a disaster and there is no way for the ants armies to reach an agreement. So much so that they end up declaring war. That’s terrible!

As Bitmax & Co are horrified, they are determined to stop this madness and find peace at any cost. And what better than a bigger threat to unite both armies? What if an anteater turns up to be the best prevention for war?

Bitmax & Co against the war

This new adventure is above all a plea against all wars. Wars, not one. Especially not in the Blue Forest! Don’t worry. Bitmax, the helper, who thinks of everything and everyone will bring peace and joy with a simple crazy plan.

Who would have thought that the very creature that created the conflict would solve it? And that sharing a candy would bring peace?  At the end of the day, the forest people find out that the inability to reach agreements can expose them to total disaster. There are no winners and no losers: everyone wins in the Blue Forest.

Let’s share sweets, spread love and peace!