Seeing the sea for the very first time

May 7, 2024

A tribute to universal literature

What could be better than starting the summer by reading about the adventures of the people of the Forest? The issue #13 of Bitmax & Co series is in print and will be out at the end of May, just before holidays!

The best summer reading!

Hamlet & the Sea tackles one of the universal topics of literature: the discovery of the sea.

The sea and the oceans have fascinated writers of all times, from Homer, Melville, Hemingway to Jules Verne. Copons & Fortuny give it a new twist.

Bitmax, Mus and Wagner accompany Hamlet to visit the sea for the first time. Together they will sail down the river until they reach the coast. Along the way, they will make new friends, witnesses to the effects of pollution…  As always, it will be a great opportunity to help those who need it most such as dolphins and seagulls!

And of course, Bitmax, with Hamlet’s help, will volunteer to clean the bay of abandoned fishing nets.

But… How will they get back to the Blue Forest?