Read, play and have fun with BitmaxGames

May 6, 2021

The summer activity book for Bitmax & Co fans!



After four titles of Bitmax & Co series, we want to thank the readers for their amazing support. We are happy to introduce BitmaxGames, the lasting cure for boredom! A special summer issue to play with and have fun. With this activity book on hand, kids will have no reasons to be bored.

BitmaxGames includes super pastimes and fun games to stimulate creativity that involve observation, logic and reasoning: super mazes, crosswords, quizzes, searches, spotting differences, coloring and painting activities. 

Since it couldn’t have been any other way, within BitmaxGames kids will also find some eco tips to take care of the Blue Forest. Take a look at the super maze below. Kids can help Bitmax, Wagner and Mus find their way to the right waste containers for the selective waste collection.

Besides reinforcing children’s logical thinking and filling their spare time with activities and brain teasers, BitmaxGames also includes a super premium for Bitmax & Co fans!

At the end of the book, they will find the answer key with all the solutions and 16 pre-cut cardboard sheets with punch-out the pieces to build the Blue Forest! This is not only a fun DIY activity that will provide endless hours of fun. It also a super tool to encourage engagement in reading.

Take the Blue Forest home and play Bitmax & Co!

BitmaxGames | 21 x 27 cm | Paperback edition | 40 pages  + 16 pre-cut cardboard sheets to punch out