The 10 Principles of the Blue Forest

April 18, 2023

Rules for a happy and peaceful life

The latest in the Bitmax & Co series has just come off the press. In this new title, readers will meet Mus’s cousins: Umma, Elsa and Telma.

The three little mice used to live in a park until the city council started building works and became homeless. The only option left was to pay a visit to their cousin Mus in the Blue Forest. Of course they had a hidden agenda: they wanted to stay and live there! What else could they do?

Mus would love to take in her cousins, but it turns out that they are dirty, noisy and messy, and living together is impossible.

Bitmax and his friends will have to find a way to explain to them the principles of living together in the Blue Forest. Achieving this will be a far from easy task!

  1. We live and let live!
  2. We take care of each other!
  3. We share the chores!
  4. We understand that we are all different! And that is what makes us equal!
  5. We share our food!
  6. We respect all opinions! And tastes!
  7. We don’t bother anyone.
  8. We are responsible.
  9. We cooperate with others.
  10. We take care of the forest!

These principles might seem simple, but they have an amazing power: to make everyone free and happy! Will they succeed?