Evo needs your help!

August 5, 2021

Free Evo!

One year has past since Bitmax & Co was launched. Now the 5th issue of Bitmax & Co is currently on print. Free Evo! will be out in early September to hit the Catalan Book Week  (La Setmana). Guess the protagonist! 

Everything starts with a tank truck crash that disrupts the peace of the Blue Forest. Due to the toxic chemical exposure, Evo gets sick. And Bitmax, Wagner and Mus can’t help it but help. They plan to take him to the city to visit their friend Lia.

Herbal remedies should help, but we are talking about Evo, an alien who delights annoying everyone and doesn’t want to let himself be helped… How will this end?

Enjoy the reading and join Garfunkel’s 6th birthday party at the Blue Forest!

You are invited!