Garfunkel Live! Coming soon

March 11, 2022

A talent show comes to the Blue Forest!

Who would have thought of that? Garfunkel finds an old TV. He spends days and nights watching “the idiot box”and goes out of his mind. He is so dazzled by the commercials and the talent shows that he decides to organise one in the Blue Forest.

Get ready for Garfunkel Live!

Everyone is thrilled with the new talent: A casting, 2 judges, 8 contestants, 3 finalists and the grand finale, including fireworks.

The big event provokes excitement, but also frustration, aggressive behaviours and unhealthy competition among Bitmax and his friends.

Like in TV talent shows, the judges not only decide who participates and who doesn’t, but turn out to be ruthless in their evaluations of contestants’ performances. Evo and Garfunkel are tough on poor acts, unable to hide their bemusement.

All in all, the show stirs up a big debate among the forest people. What do we consider talent? Why is one better than another? Who is the best?

Bitmax, Wagner and Mus will bring peace back to the Blue Forest, help Garfunkel return to the real world and put TV back in the trash!