Finding the Golden Dragon

January 25, 2021

… and meeting Rufus

Drum roll, please. We are ready to print the third title of Bitmax & Co series!

In this new adventure, human hunters arrive in the Blue Forest to catch a legendary dragon that turns everything to gold. The so-called Golden Dragon!

Bitmax thinks the worst. Hunters might take their friend Rufus away by mistake.

Rufus is an easy-going, confident happy dragon. He is indeed the great-grandson of the great Golden Dragon.

But what really matters to the forest people is that Rufus has a heart of gold. That’s why Bitmax and his friends draw up a plan to protect and save their beloved friend.

But they haven’t counted on Evo. The naughty alien who delights in annoying everyone sets a trap to catch Rufus. But it is him who gets caught! For the first time in the forest’s history, Evo will ask for help.

Bitmax the helper will do his best to rescue Evo, hide Rufus and kick hunters out of the Blue Forest!