The Annual Fairy Fest

November 22, 2021

Help Areta to prep the party!

We’ve been very busy at the Blue Forest. While Copons & Fortuny are hitting literature festivals, book shops and school workshops, the Annual Fairy Fest is held in the Blue Forest! And guess who is the hostess of such a fun party? Areta the fairy!

As every year, the festival takes place on Fairy Day. By then, everything has to be ready: the welcome reception, the fairy games, the sisterhood meal and a magic show to round off the party with a flourish.

There’s nothing like a good fairy party to really bring the forest people together, right? The problem is that Areta can’t do it all alone. And even less so in a single day! Bitmax & Co organise themselves into teams to make sure everything goes smoothly during the day. There is no time to lose.

What Bitmax doesn’t know is that Areta can’t do magic… So the final show may be a flop. Will they make it? Join Areta’s party at dawn and you will find out!